We are Crosby & Perrin Business Solutions.


Why use a Virtual PA?

We only employ the best and you can get your work covered off at a fraction of the cost vs employing someone yourself! You have no fixed salary, no recruitment headaches, no employment legislation, no employment costs, no holidays and no sickness costs = no problems. It is also by far more confidential as your Virtual PA is out of your normal office environment.

It’s just £15 per hour (plus VAT), rounded to the nearest quarter, with no tie in to minimum hours or contract so it can work out to be a really cost effective solution – you only pay for what you use. The idea is to free you, or your team, up from non-value adding activities. We do things like:

Business Administration
• Document formatting.
• Transcription of minutes.
• Transcription of Video and Audio Files.
• Presentation, spreadsheet and document preparation.
• Email correspondence, emailing on your behalf etc.

Personal Assistance
• Travel research and booking arrangements such as flights, trains, hotels, restaurant etc.
• Managing your calendar, appointments, reminders etc.
• Any personal bookings you may need organising.

• Product research.
• Finding new suppliers.
• Market research.

Event Planning & Management
• Christmas Parties
• Company retreats / events.
• Off Site Meetings.
• Seminars.
• Launch Parties.

Family Administration
• Why not add your spouse to the account to take tasks off their plate.
• Restaurant bookings.
• Researching and planning family holidays / excursions.
• Child care arrangements.

Everything we do is fully tailored to your personal needs, we can do as much or as little as you are looking for.

We also have a PA who is fluent in Spanish and with a bit of notice we can find a PA for almost any language you may need. If any of this is of any interest to you then please give us a call to discuss further or complete our form and we’ll be in contact.